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Sports massage therapy
(Update March 2021 - all appointments are currently 45mins)

Soft tissue massage

A progressive deep tissue massage to prevent and manage muscle tension caused by a variety of activities, repetitive actions or related to posture

​A 1 hour appointment must be booked for all initial appointments. This allows opportunity to:

  • Take a history of any relevant health information 

  • Take a history of any physical discomfort or injuries that you may have

  • Complete a postural assessment to identify any areas of dysfunction 

  • Agree a treatment plan that is tailored to you and your needs

  • 1hr sports massage - £40

  • 1/2hr sports massage - £30

Package Treatment Plan

  • Currently unavailable 

Pregnancy Massage
(Update Sept 2020 - please call Lorraine to discuss suitability)

A soft tissue massage aimed to help you relax, de-stress and address areas of tension or pain during your pregnancy.

Massage may help manage common discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as back pain, cramps, carpel tunnel syndrome, swelling around the hands, feet and ankles.

Whole body massage treatment;

Sports strapping and taping

Application of sports tape or strapping to aid recovery of joint pain & injuries, and assist injury prevention

  • Sports taping (stand alone) - £10

(Update Sept 2020 - small groups are currently taught via live online classes)

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise for your mind and body that aims to strengthen muscles providing improved movement and postural alignment. The principles of Pilates use your ‘core’ to control precise, flowing movements that occur simultaneously with your breathing. You will gain a greater understanding of how your body moves and with practice you should see improvements with your posture. You may also find that it supports your existing sport/training and help to prevent injury.

  • 1:1/1:2 or small groups - please contact Lorraine directly 

  • Pilates for cyclists class

  • Mixed ability pilates class