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"The immediate post massage improvement in leg & back comfort far exceeded my expectation and my running over the next few days felt more energised. I'm looking forward to regular maintenance massages."

Emma Bish


'I saw Lorraine when she was training up and gave her the following feedback at the time.
"You concentrated on the areas I asked for which is obviously good but you also looked at other things that you thought might help as well such as the lower back. You checked a few other areas which you knew runners have issues with, the calf which needed work so you spent some time on it and the IT band which you said was good so you didn't spend a lot of time on it which was a good approach.
You seemed responsive to feedback, both physical and verbal and adjusted where necessary. You asked how it felt as well as you were going along. So again all really positive.
Bedside manner you have down anyway so I don't see any issues with you building up a rapport with clients and converting them into long term clients.
In terms of how I feel after the massage, I did a hard training session beforehand so expect some soreness but my legs feel good!
All in all, really positive! I'll definitely be booking you in the future, if you can fit me in that is! And I'm working on my hamstring stretches!"
Since Lorraine has qualified I've had a few injury problems and been back for more treatment and I'm pleased to say that I've been running pain free and since the last treatment 9 days ago I've managed to get my marathon training back on track with some big mileage including a 19 mile run and a 20 mile run this morning!
Cannot recommend her enough!'

Matt Leydon


I found Lorraine on a recommendation as my regular sports massage practitioner was booked up and I needed to see someone within a few days due to a hamstring strain.
Lorraine managed to fit me in and worked wonders. She discussed where she thought the issue may be stemming from and took into account my job as a fitness instructor. I feel like I almost have my R.leg back.
Highly recommended thank you

Caroline Bance


"Lorraine is just fantastic. Before she does anything she will give you a posture analysis. She then listens to the problem and discusses what she will do. I have been to her several times now and I have always come out feeling so much better. Couldn't recommend Lorraine enough!"

Amanda Wiggins


"Just had (another) fantastic massage with Lorraine. Feel like my dodgy right leg has been replaced with a new one! Really got to the root of the problem despite my two kids popping in and out for a chat every few minutes. Don't think anything fazes this amazing lady....."

Ruth Tennant

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